Essex County Estate Planning Attorneys

Several misconceptions about estate planning exist. Many people believe estate planning is too complex for the average person to understand. Others think it is only for the extremely wealthy. Both of those statements are false. Proper estate planning benefits individuals at all income levels, and, when properly explained, is easy to implement.

The estate planning attorneys at Levine DeSantis, LLC, take pride in educating our clients and developing customized estate plans suited to their exact life circumstances. From our office in Springfield, our firm works with clients in Essex County and throughout Central and Northern New Jersey.

If you have been putting off estate planning, speak with one of our attorneys to learn about the benefits and protections you might be missing. Contact us to set up a meeting.

The Basic Questions Estate Planning Answers

Our firm handles all aspects of estate planning, including family wealth planning, last wills and testaments, living wills, health care directives, powers of attorney, trusts, gifting plans and charitable gifting.

We help our clients understand what they can expect throughout the planning process and we explain it in terms that are simple and straightforward. The estate planning process essentially answers these basic questions:

  • What do I own of value and what is it really worth?
  • Is what I own enough to require estate tax planning?
  • Who will get my property when I die?
  • If I am incapacitated, who is going to watch over my care, my children and my assets?
  • If I die, who will care for my children?
  • I have some unique family circumstances (minor children, a special needs child, a spendthrift family member); what measures of protection are available?
  • What can I do to minimize the taxes I am paying right now and to minimize how much the government will tax at the time of my death?

Of Course, the Supporting Details Matter

Our attorneys help clients answer those questions in the most specific and thoughtful ways and then we do something important — we listen. Using what we learn, we craft documents and plans, with meticulous attention to the details, to help our clients achieve their goals. Then we follow-up on a regular basis to make sure our plan still fits their circumstances.

To speak with a client-focused and straightforward estate planning attorney, give us a call at 973-376-9050 or contact us online.